Entry #5

Seeking someone to make me a "logo"

2010-06-05 10:44:20 by BlinkMarine

Not a logo as such, but something that i can put on my youtube videos while my music plays.

I can't really pay for this, but maybe someone can help out of kindness!

An example of what i mean is on my friends youtube - http://www.youtube.com/user/DjAlyX1

The music is electronic dance so the background could be alot of different things.
An example of something decent could be this with the name "BassStyler" in the corner. I would like it to be primarily a red colour or at least my name in red.

That reminds me, my producer name is BassStyler, so the name should appear somewhere in the image.

The background could be more abstract like my friends.

Anyway, i don't think it's that hard of a task for an experienced Photoshopper :D

Send me a pm if you could kindly help me out and we can talk in more detail! Thanks guys!


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2010-06-05 12:48:16

I made plenty of logos on photoshop for friends, i can handle this :)


2010-07-26 23:04:48

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